About This Web Notebook


Hoping this will be a clear, consistent reference for how to perform the tasks of this class. I will improve the look of the site as time goes on.




I'll upgrade hosting account to Business grade shortly. So far, the class task PHP files open here; which PHP and MySQL does my lo-grade account NOT support?


Can't get links in Topframe to work. I've got IX and natescoble.com links targeted to open in Mainframe, tho' I'd rather they just open in new windows, more elegant. Anyway, here's a snap of the code:



More browser code error messagess bedevil me.

I've been running through the "Conditional Weather" videos 4 times now, which is good for the drill but time-consuming. I've been getting code error messages in browsers which have solidified into not being able to display once I take the exercise to the stage of entering the first Conditional code, shown in these three snapshots.


I ALWAYS get this "Undef Index" message; noticed you don't, Mitch, in the lessons. Apparently because the Conditional code's not yet been written, right? OK, fine; the thing still works once I hit 'Submit'.

I start programming in the Conditionals code. In previous runs through the exercise, I got this, and swapping in the large jpg images, to work. Lately, no go:

Here's what I now get, even after rebooting everything and doing Site > Advanced > Rebuild Site Cache:



05-07monday "Conditional Weather"

Still trying to complete this lesson; I must have tried building it a dozen or so times now. I found one thing I've fixed: DW was malfunctioning when I set up the form, not creating correct code. When this happens, is there a way to ensure DW creates clean code again? Do I have to reinstall the app? (I usually try wiping out large portions of my code first, and re-entering.)

Going through Mitch's videos with the fine-tooth comb, I noticed DW doesn't enter the form name in the code even when I name it; more important (apparently), it doesn't add the "id" item for "select" which was missing. I hand-coded in the needed stuff. (Q: Does form name really matter here? If so, how?)

Snap < 04e3_a_Hand-coded.jpg > shows the code.

So I've got the initial passing-the-variable stage working again. But, it's always with this horrible "Undefined index on line 3" error message when I do initial variable-passing test. (Snap < 04e3_b_ErrorMessage.jpg >)

I hit "submit" anyway and initial test works OK. But I don't know if this is the seed of further problems later. Apparently it is, for on many attempts, I've never gotten the second variable (large photos) to pass; nothing happens. And when I have added the third "message" variable, I get broken link ikons and further error messages about "Undefined variable..."

Gotten this far...trying again to go farther.







Session09 video5:

Drawing Gallery in from database table using Connect / Query

Problem: Large images not displaying in the 'BIGimage' page. Resolution: Mitch found a space following '...gallImageID= ' in the link:

<a href="galleryBIGimage_v09_a.php?gallImageID=<?php echo $row_rs_FL_thumbs['gallImageID']; ?>

Space was removed, all is now well.


Session09 video6:

Filtering images dynamically using 'galleryMediaID' and Isset in the Gallery page, via links above thumbnails.

Problem: All code appears to be fine. I can't find what's different from Mitch's video. Thumbnails open big images fine, and vice versa, but the links don't work.