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< soul >

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PHP Lexical Structure

See code in Code View for all examples.

Case Sensitivity

Variables are case-sensitive. They always start 'with a lower-case alpha'. (I assume this means, 'with a lower-case alphabetical character, not a numeral.' Also, apparently single quotes aren't kosher for the Echo command, double quotes are.)



Case and Space

Commands, such as Echo, are not case-sensitive. But prevailing practice is to write 'em lower-case. / You can have word spaces or not have 'em; but again, it's nice to echo, if i may, traditional English syntax and use spaces between symbols, etc so things are legible.



Commenting in code

Use double-slashes "//" at front (only) for a single-line comment.

//doo-dee-doo, here I am a single line slicker hangin' out. Why 'm I visiblein Design View & not orange? Cuz I'm not wihin PHP code tags.

Use slash and star "/* */" to enclose a multiple-line one.

/* doo-dah dadda-BING dah-dah BAAAHM 's wat I ahm, mon */


Reserved Key Words

Avoid using elsewhere within code: Echo, Break, False, True


Top Down Assignment

Now Ron is a long long string.

< /body >

< /soul >